English Landing received a $2000 grant from Target in the fall of 2014. We used the grant to purchase creation materials: Legos, K'Nex, Lincoln Logs, and consumable creative materials. All students in the school have an opportunity to spend time creating and collaborating. 

In December, 2014, we received a $500 grant from the Brandon McPherson Memorial Foundation. So far, we have purchased 2 Osmos, 2 MakeyMakeys, and 1 Sphero for students to use to create. In January, 2015, English Landing received an additional $1000 grant from Target and a $200 grant from the Greater Kansas City MSTA Chapter. 

In the fall of 2015 we received a $3,000 donation from a community partner of the Park Hill School District. This funding was used to create a fully functioning robotics program for our second grade students. The robotics include, Sphero, Dot and Dash, Ozobots, Bee Bots, 3D printer, iPad stands, Botleys, and Lego We Do 2.0 kits. Thank you!

This fall, we received an additional 8 Makey Makey, 10 Snap Circuits, 10 iPad Airs, and 2 Little Bits STEAM sets. Thank you!  We are also beginning a Take Apart location in the media center. We welcome any donations of mechanical items that no longer work. We would love to take them apart, and figure out how they all work!  

Makerspace WebsiteS

 visit Build with Chrome (opens in new window)
Build With Chrome: Create and design 3D Lego creations. 

visit MakeyMakey (opens in new window)
Makey Makey:
Quick Start Guide 
Makey Makey Gallery
visit Little Alchemy (opens in new window)
Little Alchemy: Create real and imaginary objects by mixing different elements.

 visit PowToon (opens in new window)
PowToon: Create visual presentations that include sounds and images.

 Visit Weebly  (opens in new window)
Weebly: Create your own website. 
 visit Code Monster (opens in new window)
Code Monster: Starting site for students wanting to learn code.
Codecademy Review | PCMag
Take your coding to the next level with this site

 visit (opens in new window) is a good starting site for coding. There are videos and courses on the site. 
Be Funky: Cartoonize photos with various colors, designs and images. 
visit BotLogic (opens in new window)

BotLogic: Create your own code to get the robot to their location.
Grades K-2
 visit Turtle Art (opens in new window)

Turtle Art - Learn to create code with Turtle Art
Turtle Art Tutorial

visit Be Funky (opens in new window)
Be Funky: Cartoonize photos with various colors, designs and images. 
visit Origami Player (opens in new window)
Origami Player - Get a square piece of paper, follow the directions, and create your own piece of origami art.