English Landing PTA welcomes all parents to become involved in our school. Please contact any executive PTA member if you would like to help on any committee.

2017-18 EL PTA Meeting Schedule:

August 27, 2018,    6:30pm    English Landing Media Center

October 1, 2018,     5:30pm    Riverside Community Center

January 7, 2019,     10:00am       English Landing Flex Classroom

March 4, 2019,       6:30pm    English Landing Media Center

May 6, 2019,           10:00am       English Landing Flex Classroom

Do you want to volunteer for a committee, but don’t know who to ask?  Do you need to ask a question, but don’t know who to contact? Here is a listing of the 2018-2019 EL PTA Officers and Committee Chairs:



Ginger Gimple,

Vice-President Membership
Lauren Jeppson,

Vice-President Volunteers 
Katie Burgess,

Vice-President Fundraising
Haley Stone,

Julie Durrant,

Maggie Parsley,

Kerry Roe,

Assistant Principal
Danny Todtfeld,


Committee/Event Chairs

Book Fair
Chris Albani,

Box Tops             
Rashonda Mitchell,

Clothing Center
Amy Anderson,

Tasha Olsen,

Camille Murphy,

Popcorn Fridays
Stephanie Doss,
Amy Moench,

Ann Gochee,

Room Parties             
Susan Moore,

School Supplies
Katie Burgess,

Staff Appreciation Week
Stacey Schmidt,     
Kari Rush,

 Stemscope Showcase              
Julie Durrant,
Lauren Jeppson,

 Student Directory   
Jenna Unruh,  

Teacher Wish Tree
Angela Ensminger,

Variety Show   
Sheri Thompson,

Anna Trower,
Teresa Dwyer,

Classroom Parties:

October 20, 2017
2:00pm - 3:00pm
Fall Festival Kindergarten.docx
Fall Festival 1st.docx
Fall Festival 2nd.docx
Fall Festival 3rd.docx
Fall Festival 4th.docx
Fall Festival 5th.docx

December 22, 2017
Winter Party Kindergarten.pdf
Winter Party 1st.docx
Winter Party 2nd.docx
Winter Party 3rd.docx
Winter Party 4th.docx
Winter Party 5th.docx

February 14, 2018
Valentine's Day Kindergarten.docx
Valentine's Day 1st.docx
Valentine's Day 2nd.docx
Valentine's Day 3rd.docx
Valentine's Day 4th.docx
Valentine's Day 5th.docx


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